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We offer scintillating career opportunities in healthcare. We also bridge the gap between health professionals and employers. We assist you to build a promising career in healthcare.

As a Registered Nurse:

Earn €2,800 – €4,560 Monthly Salary Working In Germany


Due to insufficient number of nurses in Germany, according to the “Rheinische Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung” 84.000 Nurses are needed to meet with the demands. The Ministry of Health in Germany is hiring nurses abroad. It is estimated that till 2030 the gap will be over 200.000 Nurses.


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Gesundheit Personal Netz

We are a unique German based health recruitment agency for health professionals who are ready to take on challenges and pursue career experiences and benefits.

In addition, we provide nurses, geriatric nurses, doctors and other medical personnel for hospitals as well as in the health and nursing services. such as nursing homes, old people’s homes, home help services, occupational health services, psychiatric services, school health services and health centers.

100% discreet and professional

We offer an extremely affordable and high quality HR solution. Convince your dream employer and we are on your side as a strong partner.

Career resources

Becoming a great nurse is one thing. Selling yourself to the right employer as a super nurse is a very different matter. We help you to find the employer where your work is valued and remunerated accordingly.

Best Offers

We work directly with the executives and HR personnel of various health institutions and organisations. We receive first notifications of available opportunities and as a result, we source the most relevant opportunities based on YOUR interests.

Job offers

Are you looking for a job in healthcare that brings you joy and fulfillment in dealing with people again? Based on your wishes, we will create a suitable job offer for you – while you relax.

Certified employers

We attach great importance to the selection of suitable employers and only coperates with nursing services that meet high quality standards.


Our work is successful when our candidates and employers feel comfortable and safe with us. We live our goodwill.

Our Process

How It Works


In order to register you as a candidate and be able to send you offers which match your speciality and interests, we need:

  • Your CV in English.
  • To answer a questionnaire by e‑mail.

We will review your CV. We select candidates whose profiles meet our criteria. All your details are treated as confidential. After we record your CV in our database you will receive an acceptance letter from us. 


Language Course

Our online intensive language course provides you with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to communicate with your future colleagues and patients

You need to speak German well enough: Depending on the German city in which you intend to work, you need to prove you have a B1 or B2 German proficiency level under the European Framework of Reference.



We do what we do best; getting you a valid Job offer and a full recognition of your professional qualifications to be  equivalent to the corresponding German  requirements.

During the intensive training, we solve all practical issues surrounding migration to Germany in close consultation with you.

” My work as a nurse looks quite different today than in the past. I’m finding it very interesting to able to do other things and still earn good salary. I never had time for that before. The support system of GPNz as we call it is an interesting and smart one. It is constant and very helpful and makes the process so easy.”

— Monica. Spain

Our Process

 Your Path To A Career In German Health Care

We offer support and help by indicating and redirecting the job opportunity to healthcare professionals. Germany is hiring nurses abroad.We can help you pursue your healthcare career in Germany. Learn more about our Process.


Our Success

Our success relies on the excellence, commitment and flexibility of our team to bring every client to achieve their dreams. Our amiable team is among the most experienced in the industry and highly connected to significant experts and leading specialists in all medical fields. We are unique in our collaborative culture which allows for close coordination between our clients and the candidates around the globe.



 ….. a Wide Range of Possibilities


Are you a doctor or a dentist? We can help dentists from all over the EU who wish to continue their career in Germany. If you’re outside the EU send us e-mail.

European union | medicine

Are you an European doctor or dentist and you are ready for the next step in your career? Click Here

Non-European | medicine

Due to existing legislation, we are unfortunately not able to assist all non-EU doctors or dentists at this point. Click here and learn more. Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you:

Our Process | Medicine
  • check icon100% free for candidates
  • check iconDiscrete and professional
  • check iconEffective and personalised service

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Are you a nurse, midwife, physiotherapist, nursing assistant and ready to work in Germany?

European Union | Nursing

If you are a registered nurse or a geriatric  nurse in the EU and you want to work in Germany, You are in the right place. We will help you find suitable a employer after conducting an interview with you. Click here to learn more and register

Non-European | Nursing

Due to existing legislation, we are unfortunately not able to assist all non-EU Nurses.  Click here to learn more. Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you:

Africa | Nursing

Due to existing legislation, we are unfortunately not able to assist all African Nurses. If you fall in TripleWin. Send us an email: Otherwise send us an email with your CV and we will get back to you:

Asia | Nursing

Due to existing legislation, we are unfortunately not able to assist all Asian Nurses. If you fall in TripleWin. Send us an email: Otherwise Click here to learn more. Send us an  email and we will get back to you:


Our Process | Nursing

Our Process is tailored to bring to you the best experience and easy guiding methods that will help you through the whole process of acheiving your career goals based on your professional medical experience, interests and expectations.  Learn more..

Health Care Institution

Are you an institution looking for doctors and nurses? Get in touch with us.


Germany | Healthcare institution

We understand the stress in finding a suitable and qualified trained nurse or geriatric nurse and also the protective insurance law in Germany to due incompetency while maintaining payment of wages. Our plan helps you to have competent workers. click here to learn more . Also visit the german site:

Outside Germany | HealthCare Institution

Kindly send us mail and we will get back to you:

Also click here to learn more

Why us?

We are the link between the job seekers and the employers. We are flexible.

Germany is hiring Nurses

Germany is experiencing a dramatic nursing shortage. If your degree is recognized in Germany and if you’re entitled to reside there, any healthcare institution will happily consider employing you..Read more

Moving to Germany

Moving in to Germany with a job guaranteen means a new career, a new lifestyle and at the same time can equally means new challenges and also can be very stressful if not carefully managed. We make it easier for you..Read more


Flexible working means more salary. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a higher salary hourly and choose your time of work. Permanent work means job security. We can help you with signing a beneficial Job contract ..Read more

Language Course

Patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction rely on their unhindered communication with their caregivers. Lack of verbal skills, and miscommunication appears incompetent..Read more

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