For our recruitment projects, we are usually seeking specialist healthcare personnel in the following medical specialties for work in the German public health service.

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Home Nursing

Germany is in need of healthcare workers in home nursing because of the increase in average age in the population. Learn more about working as a home nurse in Germany.


Play a role in this important sector in German Public healthcare. Read more about working in Germany as a healthcare professional.


There is a shortage of this sector in Germany which is expected to last for several years. Register with us today

Intensive care

Intensive care at home means a much higher quality of life. Caring for loved ones is a challenge for family members, which often cannot be mastered alone. Join our Team.

Inpatient Care

Much more than a classic nursing home: Inpatient care in the GP network offers you a unique variety of events! Register with us now


Germany is increasingly in need of neurologists . Find job opportunities in Germany. Register with us.

Doctor | Dentist

Great labour conditions. Being a doctor or a dentist in Germany does not just come with a good salary: clinic directors will be prepared to invest in your professional development. You have access to cutting edge advanced techologies. German clinics like to adopt the latest technologies. You also have a say in which materials they’d like to work with.

Assistant Doctor / Other Medical fields

Assistant Doctors are respected. The medical sector is held in high regard in Germany. Good work atmospher. In hospitals, they are usually promoted according to the years of your professional experience, and your salary rises accordingly.

work schedules

You choose how much you want to work

Full time

Do you want to work full-time ? Then you’ll be in high demand, and have the chance to grow yourself in German healthcare and we have direct access to Germany’s best employers in healthcare. Lean back, we take care of your dream job discreetly and free of charge

Part Time

Is work-life balance important to you and You don’t want to work full time?Then part-time work might be what you’re looking for. We offer you access to the best part-time jobs in German healthcare. Work with us when and how often you want