In order to be able to apply for medical job offers in Germany you must fulfill the following requirements:

• Be a specialist doctor or dentist 

• Have your medical degree and specialist title recognized by one of the EU member countries

• If your degree isn’t from the EU – Send us a mail.


What are the requirements of applying for Nursing job in Germany?
  • You need to have your qualifications recognized in Germany: If you have obtained your nursing qualifications outside EU, you need to have these recognized in EU. The competent authority will verify whether or not the professional qualifications which you have acquired abroad are fully equivalent to the corresponding qualification issued in Germany. If this is not the case, you can sign up for an adaptation course.
  • You need to speak German well enough: Depending on the German city in which you intend to work, you need to prove you have a B1 or B2 German proficiency level under the European Framework of Reference.
  • You need to be in good health: You need to present a certificate issued by a German doctor or in an EU doctor stating that you are physically and mentally fit and able to work in nursing care.
  • You need to be trustworthy: In order to prove that you are trustworthy, you need to provide a police-clearance certificate. Depending on your situation, either a police-clearance certificate issued in Germany or issued your home country will be necessary.

We support you all though. We are experts at that.

How do I receive interviews at Gesundheit personal netz?

You’ll begin receiving interviews from us in three easy steps:

1. Register on the Gesundheit-Pn.de platform via the website.

2. After registering, we will organise a meeting online.

3. A GPNz career counselor will call you to find out what is particularly important to you in your job search.We will present you with the currently open positions in your speciality, and we will inform you about the selection process, the services and support GPNz offers to you and your family



Is my data safe at Gesundheit Personal Netz?

Our goal is to put our candidates first, which would not be possible if your data is not secure and your privacy respected. Thus, we commit to handling your data with the utmost care and in accordance with appropriate laws like GDPR. As an example, your personal profile is only visible to you and your career consultant. As well, we will only pass your application on to third parties with your approval first. You can find out more about our information security practices by reading our Terms & Conditions and our data protecion agreement

Language Course

Do I have to pay for the course?

That depends on the arrangement we will have with you after our interveiw with you ; The language course can be sponspored by the employer or by the government of Germany or by Individuals. 

is it possible to learn German in four months?

Yes, if you put a lot of effort into our internet stacked videos as well as in the intensive online classes, you will have a good enough level to be able to start your employment and communicate with colleagues and patients

What is the duration of the Language course?

The intensive course lasts 16-20 weeks, depending on your commitment level. You can join our online Intensive course. It provides you with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to communicate with your future colleagues and patients.

You can also attend our online intensive course upto A2 levels  ( 10 weeks -12 weeks)  and continue with B1 – B2 in Germany.  

Do I have a contract guaranteeing employment when I start the language course?

Every nurse starting the course will already have qualified for a job placement. We cannot jump the bureaucratic process, verifications and essencial langauge course. During the language course training, you have an interveiw with your future employer in german langauge. If you are offered employment and you accept you will get a contract guaranteeing the employment on condition that you complete the language course. Your contract is always with the future employer, later with the public healthcare system of Germany, not with Gesundheit Personal Netz.

Relocation / Job

When the course begins we will start to look for your first rental apartment in the city you have chosen to work. You will participate in the process and we try to find as good alternatives as possible.
Do I get to choose the city to work?

Yes, You do! During the interview you can choose which cities you prefer to receive jobs offer from us.

What happens if I do not like my new employer?

Contact GPN career counselor if you have problems with your new employer. We will try to clarify the situation through a conversation

Do I have to pay any other service?

Flight tickets and hotel costs will be paid by the future employer during the study tour. We will also organise a personal tour guide who will show you around during your stay.

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