Our Process Is Tailored For An Easy Job Placement In Germany

The Process

Moving to Germany for work and integreating the cultural differences in the German workplace could be challenging. Our  intercultural trainer will help you through our process method to integrate easily and quickly and enjoy the blissful welcomed culture of the German workplace and the society.  We  accompany you until the day you arrive in your new country and start to work. This Process is only available to the EU countries. For non-EU kindly click here more information.

The Registration
Language Course
Moving to Germany
Non-European union
African countires

Africa countries; kindly check here

Due to existing legislation, we are unfortunately not able to assist all Asian Nurses. If you fall in TripleWin. Send us an email: tripwin@gesundheit-pn.de. Otherwise send us an email with your CV and we will get back to you:hello@gesundheit-pn.de



We do not recruit from the WHO list ; We only provide services such as : German courses, translations, personal advice on recognition process and assistance where it is legally accepted, etc… We can not be a broker for the listed countries. We can only give you a direction on how to go about it yourself if you are in the listed countries. KINDLY READ BELOW:


There are a number of countries for which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified a critical shortage of health workers and recommended that health and care workers not be actively recruited from these countries. According to Section 38 of the Ordinance on the Employment of Foreign Nationals (BeschV) recruitment from these countries to Germany may only be carried out by the Federal Employment Agency – employers or private agencies may not actively seek staff in these countries themselves. However, individual nursing professionals from these countries can be employed if they apply for a specific qualified position in Germany on their own initiative.

The Annex to Section 38 contains the current WHO list, which included 47 countries at the end of 2021.

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1. Register With Us

In order to register you as a candidate and be able to send you offers which match your specialty and interests, we need:

  • Your CV in English.
  • To answer a questionnaire by e‑mail.

As soon as we have your CV and answers we start to actively work to find a suitable position for you. All your details are treated as confidential. After we record your CV in our database you will receive offers by e‑mail matching your professional profile and expectations.


We will also need to contact two of your references which can be current superiors or tutors but also from previous employment. They should know you well as a specialist doctor, dentist or nurse.


We will organise a meeting online; so we can get to know you better. We will present you with the currently open positions in your speciality, and we will inform you about the selection process, the services and support GPN offers to you and your family. We would like to hear about your expectations, motivation, professional experience and if you have any doubts or questions, in order to be able to present to you the most suitable job offer.


The selected doctors, dentists and nurses are invited for a study tour to the specific region of  The country, and for an interview with the future employer. 

The study tour usually takes two or three days, on one of which you will have an interview, see the clinic and meet colleagues.

The second day you will see the town, houses, schools, kindergarten and other things of particular interest to you – which you need to know more about to be able to make the decision. Your partner is also invited to join if you wish, but please be aware that the program is quite intensive.

The cost of study tours which includes Flight tickets and hotel costs is free.

Job Placement

After the study tour, you and the clinic will make the final decision and if both of you agree, you will receive a written guarantee of employment on the condition that you complete our intensive language course.

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Langauage Course

Our intensive language course is the key to a quick integration into Germany. The first step is an on-line preparatory course, and the second step is an on-site intensive course.


The intensive course lasts 17-20 weeks, depending on the city and the language level required. It provides you with the knowledge and vocabulary needed to communicate with your future colleagues and patients.


The courses begin four to five times per year. The language courses are held online.This will enable you to have upto B1 level. You will complete the B2 level in Germany.  


  • Depending on the agreement between you and the employer, an arrangement can be reached for sponsporship.
  • Each doctor or dentist who has a signed guarantee of employment will get an allowance of 800 EUR or more during the intensive course. The nurses will get an allowance of 600 EUR above.

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Employment | Moving  

You have the option to live and work in any of the cities in Germany with high/moderate standard of living. During the course of your training, we provide you with with necessary information that helps to ease your migration to Germany. We make an overall assessment of the services to match it with your wishes.

We can support you with the following process:

  • Apply for authorizations and specialist certificates so that you have them before you leave our course.
  • Assistance in filling in residency documents.
  • Organise and purchase travel and transport of furniture in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Inform about home insurance, the application for ID cards/social security/tax certificates, when to order telephone/internet installation etc., as it is helpful to know about these things from the start.



  • In some special cases we provide you with some Financial Relocation Support
  • For your start in Germany a furnished apartment or room in a shared flat
  • Personal adviser for your integration, who supports you in all personal and regulatory matters in Germany with Language skills of Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, English and German.
  • A yearly salary of (€28.000 to €69.600- Nurses ) gross (before taxes), Fulltime/ Flexiable, depending on knowledge and experience
  • Free extra occupational recognition of foreign professional qualifications.
  • Holidays and pension Package.
  • 5 working days in a week
  • Flexible and family friendly working hours
  • Continuing and further education
  •  Fitness / Sports Course


 Non EU Citizen

If you are not an EU citizen and/or your degree and title are not from EU countries, you must:

  • Completed vocational training as a nurse (m/f/d) or as a geriatric nurse (m/f/d)
  • have your medical degree AND specialist title 
  • Implementation of an independent, competent and activating care of the patients entrusted to you
  • Independent implementation of the nursing documentation


We can support you with the rest of the requirements  needed as a healthcare worker in Germany. To know whether you are qualified for this support kindly register with us today.