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We are a unique German based health recruitment agency for health professionals who are ready to take on challenges, pursue career expriences and benefits.


In addition, we provide nurses, geriatric nurses, doctors and other medical personnel for hospitals as well as in the health and nursing services. such as nursing homes, old people’s homes, home help services, occupational health services, psychiatric services, school health services and health centers.

Our nursing jobs across Germany offer an extensive list of amazing benefits that will make your transition into your new life easier. We work directly with the executives and HR personnel of various health institutions and organisations. We receive first notifcations for available opportunities and as a result, we source the most relevant opportunities based on YOUR interests.

We offer an extremely affordable and high quality HR solution. No matter which position you’re currently searching for, we will help you find the right offer in Germany’s largest healthcare field. Be it permanent employment or temporary work, full-time or part-time, we’ll work with you to fulfill your specific needs.

Our Services

We offer an extremely affordable and high quality HR solution. Convince your dream employer and we are on your side as a strong partner

We help healthcare professionals to be fulfilled in their careers by helping them find their suitable employers where their work are valued and remunerated accordingly.

Our amiable team of experts help employers to find a well-trained qualified healthcare professionals that are suitable for various positions in their institutions.

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Our Quality Team

We have a team of dedicated and friendly staff, who are passionate about helping others realise their dream jobs. We rate  our performance based on the quality service rendered, the experience and availability of our nursing and care staff as well as our service team. Our strength as an organisation stems from our ability to recruit and retain highly experienced nursing, care and healthcare support staff and efficiently aid them with the support and training expected in an evolving industry.