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You are welcome to our online booking platform for interviews. You have been approved to have access to this platform in correspondence with your selection status marked as selected.The link to this platform may not be shared with or forwarded to third parties. You can not make bookings after the  17th of August.


How to book your appointment

  • Below is a calendar month displayed in which you must select one of the dates marked in gray. (The gray represents dates where appointments are still available, and the red colour shows the dates that are already fully booked).
  • Once you have spotted an available date, simply select the time of the appointment.
  • Continue by clicking and filling out the required information (full name, email address, contact number).
  • Once you’ve completed the required fields, simply click “Book” (book appointment).
  • You will receive your booking confirmation by email.
  • It is advised to print out a copy of this email or at least to note down your  time for the appointment
  • Your ‘ name’ will be shown on the screen in the waiting room when it’s your turn so do remember it to avoid missing your appointment!
  • Now that you’ve successfully booked your appointment, you must remember to bring the necessary documents ( on your CV) with you on the day
  • DONE!




  • You can cancel your appointment. It is better to have an appointment, even far in time, and change it afterwards if a closer date becomes available, than to be on queue for a free convenient spot.
  • From the 18th August you wouldn’t be able to make changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any question within the next days.

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