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Application Information


Application/ Registration Fees

Application Fee

Application fee is used for processing and reviewing candidate’s CV for qualifications.

The cost of the Application is  2000 Kenyan shillings

Note: The fee is non refundable. When you are selected, the application fee will be deducted from the Registration fee.



Registration Fee

The registration fees offer the following :

  • Gesundheit personal Netz services ( Guaranteed GPNz Job Placement Service )
  • Intensive online German language courses and exams for health workers .
  • Migration support.

If you have had any previous knowledge of German, we can assess your level of German knowledge, by doing a placement test, create learning goals and help you choose the appropriate course. This definitely reduces the Cost.

Our online Group Courses use real life situations to provide an authentic context in learning the German language.


  • Application dates : 21.02.2020  –  31.07.2020  ( closing date has been extended due to Covid-19 pandemic )
  • Course duration : 4 months and 2 weeks. First batch:(  Due to Covid-19 – A new date will be released soon)   17.03.2020 – 26.07.2020. Second batch: 02.04 2020 – 17.09.20
  • Levels A1, A2, B1.1., B1.2
  • Virtual Classroom Sessions: 48 sessions to be agreed upon with the course participants
  • Class Size 12 up to a maximum of 25 students
  • Workload approx. 100 – 120 hours to complete one course level


Note: Third batch can only be shared with qualified candidates.



For Kenyan Nurses

Common Questions

Who is eligible to Apply for the "2020 German nursing Program in Africa"

You are a Registered Nurse and have more than three years job exprience and you are reliable, honest and ready to take on new challenges, and ready to move to Germany.

What is the difference between Application fees and Registration fees

Application Fees:

Application fees is used for processing and reviewing candidate’s CV for qualifications.

The cost of the Application is 2000 kes

Note: Application is non refundable. When you are selected, the application fees will be deducted from the Registration fee.


Registration Fee: includes :

  • Gesundheit personal Netz services ( Guaranteed GPNz Job Placement Service )
  • Intensive online German language courses and exams for health workers .
  • Migration support.

Registration Fees can be a “one time-payment “or installments. The first payment cannot be less than 44.280,60 Kenyan Shilling. The remaining payment should not be more than three times. This will be discussed during the online interview.

Registration fee : 125 , ooo Kenyan Shilling

What are the requirements of applying for Nursing job in Germany?
  • You need to have your qualifications recognised in Germany: If you have obtained your nursing qualifications abroad, you need to have these recognised in Germany. The competent authority will verify whether or not the professional qualifications which you have acquired abroad are fully equivalent to the corresponding qualification issued in Germany. If this is not the case, you can sign up for an adaptation course.
  • You need to speak German well enough: Depending on the German Land in which you intend to work, you need to prove you have a B1 or B2 German proficiency level under the European Framework of Reference.
  • You need to be in good health: You need to present a certificate issued by a German doctor stating that you are physically and mentally fit and able to work in nursing care.
  • You need to be trustworthy: In order to prove that you are trustworthy, you need to provide a police-clearance certificate. Depending on your situation, either a police-clearance certificate issued in Germany or issued in Ghana will be necessary.

We support you all thoughtout. 

What does GPNz offer?

The GPN offers:

  • Tutors and department managers available to ensure a more comfortable Job placement.
  • German language course in your country up to level B2 (useful for the recognition in Germany of the degree)
  • Minimum wage from 2.800 euros, nights, weekends and holidays paid separately; 30 days holiday per year; 38.5 working hours per week
  • Supplementary pension insurance
  • Contribution for public transport
  • Two-year contract (with the possibility of renewal indefinitely)
  • Possibility of professional growth and specializations
is it possible to learn German in Four months?

Yes, if you put a lot of effort into our internet stack videos as well as in the intensive online classes, you will have a good enough level to be able to start your employment and communicate with colleagues and patients

Do I have a contract guaranteeing employment when I start the language course?

Every nurse starting the course will already have qualified for a job placement. We cannot jump the bureaucratic process, verifications and essencial langauge course. During the language course training, you have an interveiw with your future employer in german langauge. If you are offered employment and you accept you will get a contract guaranteeing the employment on condition that you complete the language course. Your contract is always with the future employer, later with the public healthcare system of Germany, not with Gesundheit Personal Netz.

Do I have to pay any other service?

You may need to consider service we don’t render but are crucial and important. 

  • Legalization of Documents
  • Internet Access (  upto 10GBs Monthly)
  • Visa Fees in the German Embassy
Do I have to pay for the course?

The Registration fees covers the language courses and one time exam fees.

What we do not offer?

Authentication of Documents

Authentication of documents means having the government of Kenya authenticating your documents . We do not offer this service. It’s done by the individuals.


German Embassy In Kenya

The German Embassy carries out a verification process in which Kenyan public documents are verified by the German Consulate General in Kenya upon request by a German court or authority. We do not offer this service. It is done by the German Embassy.

Legalization Firms

Legalization firms or agencies render the service of authenticating your documents. At your request we can make references but we do not partner with legalization firms. 



We do not guarantee visa issuance. The Germany Embassy makes the final decision. Our process is the right and the best legal way to get a work permit to work in Germany but nontheless a consular officer will make the final determination whether you qualify for visa issuance.

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